Lack of Genital Reaction

Reasons for the Lack of Genital Reaction

Sexual disharmony or psychogeny. Equivalent to psychogenic impotence.

Symptoms of a Lack of Genital Reaction

If there are signs of sexual dysfunction in men, a full erection occurs in the early stages of sexual intercourse, but disappears during intercourse, so an erection is present, but not during intercourse. Partial erection is sometimes possible.

In the presence of signs of sexual dysfunction in women, stimulation of erogenous zones does not lead to the disappearance of vaginal dryness for psychogenic reasons (disharmony) or as a result of menopause, the addition of an infectious lesion of the bartholin glands.

Diagnosis of the Absence of a Genital Reaction

In men, erectile dysfunction is characterized in that the erection persists during sleep, masturbation, or with another partner. In women, vaginal dryness, psychogenic or pathological (infection, menopause).

Differential diagnosis

It should be differentiated with other disorders of the erection component, for example, with organic damage to the brain, vascular lesions of the cavernous bodies, cerebrospinal disorders.

Treatment of the Absence of a Genital Reaction

Psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, including sex therapy. Erectotherapy and treatment with local negative pressure.