Disorders of Sexual Preference

Causes of Sexual Preference Disorders

The causes of disorders of sexual preference are distortions of the stages of development of psychosexuality in ontogenesis. Most of them are normal, however, these disorders are more often observed with hormonal, chromosomal abnormalities and gene abnormalities. Disorders should only be considered in a specific cultural context, as some of them are ritualized and considered acceptable in some cultures. A whole series of sexual preference disorders are successfully exploited by the modern sex industry, in particular, we are talking about sets for sado-masochism, peep shows for voyeurs, attributes of transsexualism, etc.

Symptoms of Sexual Preference Disorders

Periodic fantasies defining acts in the field of sexual behavior. These actions, in connection with the inconsistency with current cultural standards, cause maladaptation and neuroticism of the individual. Attractions are seen as necessary to relieve increasing stress or anxiety. The consequences of abnormal acts can themselves be a source of stress. However, they can only be a symptom in the syndromic structure of personality abnormalities or schizophrenia. It is also important to consider that patients carefully conceal some socially unacceptable traits of attraction, therefore observation of behavior is of particular importance in diagnosis.

Diagnosis of Sexual Preference Disorders

The diagnosis is made on the basis of the fact that the patient has periodic intense sexual drives and fantasies, including unusual objects or actions. At the same time, he either does as drives dictate, or in the fight against them experiences significant distress. This preference is observed for at least 6 months. Multiple disorders of sexual preference are possible (F65.6), when different abnormal, sexual preferences are combined in one individual more often than might be expected based on a simple statistical probability. The most common is a combination of fetishism, transvestism and bdsm, pedophilia and sadism, masochism and voyeurism.

Differential diagnosis

Disorders can be considered as monosymptoms and as inclusions in other mental disorders.

Treatment for Sexual Preference Disorders

When it comes to monosymptoms, they use methods of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, as well as behavioral therapy in combination with substances that help control impulses: lithium, carbamazepine, beta-blockers and calcium channel antagonists.