Causes of Transsexualism

Violation of the differentiation of brain structures responsible for sexual behavior (hypothalamus), possibly associated with hormonal effects during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Transsexualism

Features of behavior are noticeable from early childhood. The desire for toys characteristic of the opposite sex, the structure of relationships and the style of behavior of the opposite sex. For example, boys like to play with dolls, embroider and prefer quiet games to mother-daughter, girls, respectively, active and aggressive games, boyish companies, weapons. Transsexualism as a whole is a violation of behavior due to the desire to live and be accepted as a person of the opposite sex, combined with a feeling of inadequacy or discomfort from its anatomical gender and the desire to receive hormonal and surgical treatment in order to make your body as suitable as possible for the chosen gender. Due to social problems and the fact that the attraction of these individuals is directed physiologically to their gender with a different psychological sexual consciousness, depression and a high risk of suicide are frequent. A diagnosis of transsexualism is sufficient to permit prompt sex change in most countries. Sometimes transsexual experiences are unstable.

Diagnosis of Transsexualism

Transsexual experiences may occur with paranoid schizophrenia in the structure of delirium obsession, but in this case, other symptoms characteristic of schizophrenia should also be present.

Transsexualism Treatment

With “nuclear” transsexualism, sex change is indicated with surgical correction and subsequent hormonal and behavioral therapy.